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350th Post: Why I Continue Writing

Well, this is a little strange. No preamble. No framing of the discussion. And, let me see if I got this right, *checks notes*, an entire blog post that’s reflective in nature. Cue the Fry quote that’s been memed to … Continue reading

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Personal Post: Why I’m Not Seeing Tenet when it hits UK Cinemas

It’s never easy being the man who sits at the back of auditorium with their arms firmly crossed and their head shaking when the rest of the room is in general agreement over a course of action. But alas, I … Continue reading

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250th Post: Why I Continue Blogging

Between you and me, the statement of why I continue blogging should be something of a affirmation to a blogging mid life crisis (500 posts and upwards). However, the COVID-19 pandemic has put everything into perspective. Not only are we … Continue reading

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Editorial: Why I Love Star Wars

Star Wars is a cinematic bedtime story that I’ve enjoyed since the age of seven. My introduction to the series was a 1995 trailer on the Power Rangers: The Movie VHS. The fast flurry of images that highlighted parts of … Continue reading

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Review: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (BFI London Film Festival)

By all that is sane and fair, Terry Gilliam’s long-awaited adaptation of Cervantes’s monumental comic novel- Don Quixote, is finally here. While the film’s sheer existence is a cause for celebration, keeping the long and arduous journey to the screen … Continue reading

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