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Early Review: Baby Driver (2017)

With Baby Driver, Edgar Wright has crafted a sly, whimsical and hardening genre film that emanates with wry invention and visual exuberance: even if it lacks the rich thematic depth, ingenious mosaic comic construction and witticisms of the British director’s … Continue reading

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Review: Pirates of the Carribean- Salazer’s Revenge (2017)

At this point, the Pirates of the Carribean franchise has become the cinematic equivalent of a drunken man stumbling to a vague destination using the most inane route possible. As the series has worn on, its beating heart has resided … Continue reading

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Review: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

Between its sordid soap opera antics and wholesome small-town sensibility; Twin Peaks felt like a sprawling Jungian collective unconscious of Americana that was always shifting to understand its heritage and legacy. In one of the most interesting and eccentric storylines … Continue reading

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