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Editorial: My Top Five Toy Story Scenes (Inspired by Filmspotting)

In an act that would even make the slowest snail rolls their eyes in disbelief, I’ve not yet seen Toy Story 4. Part of this is due to time and the desire to save this cinematic gift from Pixar as … Continue reading

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Editorial: My Top Five Questions for Cinema in 2018 (Inspired by Filmspotting)

In an attempt to make my blog seem less like a cranky and sputtering machine that magically manufacturers reviews: I have resolved to write more editorials for the express purpose of making the blog much more accessible much like a warm … Continue reading

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Brief Consideration: Song to Song (2017)

At his very best, Terrence Malick can move the audience with an impressionist style that weaves imagery together like a constantly shifting and mesmerising puzzle in motion. At once, his imperceptible films can reveal deeply personal remembrances as well as … Continue reading

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Russian Film Week II: Attraction (2017)

Attraction is a seismic outburst of a movie. Like many of the science fiction pictures that have pervaded the history of cinema, its lens is sharply focused on the illumination of a prevalent issue and theme. In the pre-screening Q&A, … Continue reading

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Review: Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk is an audacious and brutalising war picture that shell shocks with a furious invention and skilled cinematic craftsmanship. Told in a triptych structure: the film depicts the Dunkirk evacuation from the perspective of three Spitfire pilots who patrol the … Continue reading

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Review: Django Unchained (2013)

Django Unchained is Quentin Tarantino’s most persistently fascinating film. His examination of the self-appointed persona in this picture is particularly potent and powerful because of the implications of the characters and the commentary it has on the portrayal of slavery … Continue reading

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Introductory Post: The Appeal of Cinema

  Hello and welcome to my new blog, SGS on Film: a piece of virtual space that will be dedicated to my inane ramblings on cinema, be it through editorials or reviews. Rather than use this first post to explain … Continue reading

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