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Personal Post: Updates on Cameron Cloutier’s Twin Peaks Fan Film

Five months ago, Cameron Cloutier (of Obnoxious and Anonymous fame) dared to venture into the misty forest of internet movie campaigning. The endeavour proved to be a blazing success. Since then, the ardent Peaker and YouTuber has been hard at work … Continue reading

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Personal Reflection: Twin Peaks (2017)

To me, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks transcended the usual disposable nature of prime-time television and instead became a healing and transformative mosaic. Earlier this year, I lost a friend due to the changing nature of the relationship, … Continue reading

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Brief Consideration: Twin Peaks: The Return (Part Seven- 2017)

Rarely does an episode of television inspire me to pick up my virtual pen; let alone use it to heap praise with absolute rhapsodic merriment about a medium, which I look upon with suspicion and fear. However, Part Seven (There’s … Continue reading

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Initial Impression: Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)

While I still can’t decide whether the season finale of Twin Peaks: The Return was audacious or disappointing, I do think it’s foggy and elusive conclusion burns brightly with a universal truth. Even with the best intentions, grief cannot be … Continue reading

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