Personal Post: Updates on Cameron Cloutier’s Twin Peaks Fan Film

Five months ago, Cameron Cloutier (of Obnoxious and Anonymous fame) dared to venture into the misty forest of internet movie campaigning. The endeavour proved to be a blazing success. Since then, the ardent Peaker and YouTuber have been hard at work on the fan film. When asked about the inspiration for the project, the independent filmmaker stated:

“I first had the idea for the film back in 1992, shortly after {Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me} came out. Never thought I would ever get to make it so I just moved on in life creatively. Right after season 3 finished I saw Thor Åmli’s short film “Summer at Pearl Lakes” and I saw that with new technology that it was possible to perhaps make the spin-off story I’ve always wanted to tell. I floated it out to my viewership and there was tremendous interest so I jumped into the crowdfunding campaign without a net and hoped for the best.”

The fourth in a line of promotional trailers recently unveiled the character amid atmospheric shots from many familiar locations including Laura’s house, the Sheriff’s station and the Double R Diner. The new photography was punctuated with frantic and perfectly edited audio clips from the series. The result was a blistering combination of new and old worlds harmonising to create an intriguing collage of images.


Amy Ostbo was announced to play the iconic Twin Peaks character. As one could see from this exclusive picture, Ms Ostbo captures the sheer innocence and dazed nature of the character. In a statement regarding the actress, Mr Cloutier said: “Amy just embodies Annie from inside out, and it has been an awfully long time since I’ve worked with an actor who is prepared to throw herself into a role and show us the layers that make a character like Annie as fascinating as I’ve always found her. I’m incredibly lucky to have found a down to earth individual, who knows how to be professional but also keep things fun around the set.”


The trailer also hinted at the return of the show’ s primary focus and obsession- Laura Palmer. Queen of Hearts’ producer Caitlin Thayil steps into the role that Sheryl Lee made so famous. If her first picture (photographed by Jill Watson) is anything to go by then the fervent anxiety that pervaded the character’s soul has been retained. When asked for a comment on the collaboration, the independent filmmaker went on to say:

“I met Caitlin because of several friends recommending her to me for some possible roles, but when we met, I was impressed by her work ethic and her interest to see this film be the best it could be. I also quickly saw her as Laura and thought she would be a great fit for the part, so we shot a few scenes for the extended promo.

However, in talking with her more, I realized that she could bring even more to the project so, over lunch, I remember looking at her and saying,“I would very much like you to be my Sabrina,” and she thankfully thought producing the film would be a great experience and opportunity for her. I couldn’t ask for more a wonderful person to work with.”

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