Personal Post: Updates on Cameron Cloutier’s Queen of Hearts


Cameron Cloutier’s long-gestating Twin Peaks fan film (Queen of Hearts) hits its most crucial week. Worse then Bob, Dark Coop or even Dick Tremayne, the picture faces the potential of being cancelled. Having fought through a series of challenges last year, including persistent trolling from long presumed supporters and a personal emergency: the film has looked like it might be back on track. However, the double-edged sword of independent filmmaking may result in its death.

While the notion of following a filmmaker on the pure whims of passion carries a sense of romanticism, the harsh realities have unfortunately struck Queen of Hearts. While some parts have been cast, many of the promises made to Cameron by others wanting to work on the project have turned up empty. This coupled with a severe lack of proper assistance, and the film is limping on. But if there is anything that Twin Peaks has taught us, it’s the fellowship that exists within the confines of a tight-knight community.

Despite its luck, Queen of Hearts still has a slim possibility of surviving. Let’s hope the Log Lady takes kindly upon its continued existence and that one day we see it in its full glory.

Here’s the full announcement from Cameron, which comes from the Queen of Hearts Facebook page.

“This is the week…

In a few days, I will take inventory of who and what I have so far in regards to this production and determine whether or not to move forward.

Casting is waddling along* and some days are more productive than others when it comes to finding locations, costumes, props, etc.

(*However, I could not be more thrilled with the casting choices so far.)

Since this project was crowdfunded, I have met and reconnected with a lot of people over the course of pre-production.

Some have been absolutely amazing in helping with what they can. Unfortunately, far too many have been no-shows or flakes (even with the promise of pay) so it’s been difficult to make arrangements when I don’t know what (if anything) is going on—all the while knowing time is a tickin’.

I really want to make this film but as I’ve said in the past, there’s a reason why you see a billion names during the end credits of a movie. One person can only do so much.

Maybe if the film was fully cast and rehearsals were in full swing I’d feel a bit more confident but I’m still in search of actors—which has been like the equivalent of pulling teeth around here.

(Also, finding a few more assistants would be great too.)

Last year I had a window to make “Queen of Hearts” and trolls and others (and finally a family emergency) forced me to postpone it for a bit.

However, if I miss the current window I’m shooting for now, I feel it’s only appropriate to call it a day and refund everyone’s money before too much has been spent to turn back.

This is not a decision that weighs lightly with me. I’ve been on this project for nearly a year and a half already so it would be absolutely devastating to be so close and then not go ahead with it.

But I am willing to pull the plug if I feel the project will be rushed, turn out badly or will bring even more unnecessary chaos to my already busy life.

I know by {canceling} the project the trolls and naysayers will see it as a victory and that truly pains me—so let’s all send good thoughts and positive vibes out into the universe this week for more to fall in line.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going out to the woods to throw some rocks at a bottle.

Anyone interested in acting or helping can contact:

Thank you!”

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