My Movie Blogging Resolutions for 2020


Happy New Year everyone. Love them or hate them, New Year’s resolutions help to focus the mind on what we need to improve or achieve. In the spirit of that, here are my movie blogging resolutions for 2020. What do you think of New Year’s resolutions? Do you have any? What would you improve? Let me know in the comments below.

3) Start writing about Film Music


I’m not an expert in the genre. But I’ve always been drawn to how Film Music communications the emotions of a film and as a form of storytelling in its own right. While I’ve infrequently discussed in other places, I’d like to start writing about it for the blog. Watch this space.

2) Themed Months


Themed months are a great opportunity to introduce a fun activity for everyone to get involved with. They’re also good as a crash course to get into a particular genre or a director’s filmography. I’ve some ideas up my sleeves.

1) Write more Blog Posts 


This is always a tricky one to judge. All I have to go on is how good I’ve felt getting a good number of blog posts out. This particularly struck me in the tail end of 2019. I will do my utmost to continue that this year.




About Sartaj Govind Singh

Notes from a distant observer: “Sartaj is a very eccentric fellow with a penchant for hats. He likes watching films and writes about them in great analytical detail. He has an MA degree in Philosophy and has been known to wear Mickey Mouse ears on his birthday.”
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