Thoughts on a Trailer: Morbius (2020)


As the comic book movie genre has grown, it has taken great leaps with projects that focus on some of the genre’s most dastardly foes. Stripped of their central heroes, these films are interesting experiments. Morbius represents a further division in this new form of the genre: namely, taking a D grade villain and attempt to put him in the cinematic world building blender (through the prism of a semi important aspect of the hero’s movie),

The major headline of this trailer is the final moments that feature Micheal Keaton’s Adrian Toomes from Spider-Man Homecoming. I’m guessing this takes place some time after Homecoming, with Toomes being having ended his prison sentence. I don’t think there will be much more to this cameo other then a establishing that Sony’s solo villain films are in the Marvel Cinematic universe. In a landscape where movie audiences enjoy continuity as much as comic book fans, is this really an exciting prospect?

The Morbius trailer plays like a boring mashup of the science gone wrong genre along with the most passionless vampire movie you’ve ever seen. For all the talk of Jared Leto being a daring actor who throws himself into a part beyond the point of stupidity, he seems remarkably bored.

So far, there seems to be no inherent excitement or conflict of the powers he gains. The  trailer also seems to be too self serious about its premise. There’s no joy or sense of fun.  Perhaps the vampire point of view shots might be a slight welcome relief. In spirit, Morbius seems like David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of The Fly, insofar as the central characters are slowly losing their humanity to the creature instincts they’ve gained. Whether, it’s even as half as interesting as that film, remains to be seen.

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