Year in Review: The Top Ten Films of 2016

1) Hell or High Water


Hell or High Water is a layered and textured film that harmonies deft cinematic craft, a fascinating primary thematic exploration and small incidental moments. Consequently, the movie feels authentic, humorous and sharp.

2) Knight of Cups


Knight of Cups, is a wondrously reflective film that at once is about the soul’s attempt to ascend from its earthly bounds and at the same time, a meditation on the frustration of the creative process.

3) The Witch 


Eggers has constructed an intrinsically quiet and introspective film that when watching it strikes one as intruding upon an exceptionally powerful and private prayer.

4) Arrival


Arrival is a magnificently cerebral and emotionally moving triumph.

5) Hail Ceaser!


Hail Caesar is concerned with making us believe in extraordinary things through the power of the cinema.

6) De Palma


De Palma serves as an insightful documentary for advocating that a genre filmmaker can be an auteur.

7) The Neon Demon


Nicolas Winding Refn’s poisoned penned letter to the modelling industry is a stirring and horrific fable that seamlessly blends Dario Argento’s vivid surrealism, Gothic horror and a captivating portrait of spurned innocence.


8)The Nice Guys 


The Nice Guys is an amusingly made picture with a subversive and witty screenplay. It also benefits from an outstandingly impish and physical comedic performance from Ryan Gosling.

9) Kontributsiya (The Contribution) 


Kontributsiya (The Contribution) is a meticulous and sumptuous period piece, with scenes that are brimming with intensity and stirring dramatic weight.

10) The Jungle Book


The Jungle Book has fundamentally cemented my view that contemporary cinema can still excite and makes us wonder.

About Sartaj Govind Singh

Notes from a distant observer: “Sartaj is a very eccentric fellow with a penchant for hats. He likes watching films and writes about them in great analytical detail. He has an MA degree in Philosophy and has been known to wear Mickey Mouse ears on his birthday.”
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