Concise Review: They Live (1988)


They Live, the cult American science fiction film from John Carpenter is a fun, energetic, social film. It surprises in its central performance from Roddy Piper, who is emphatic and self knowingly goofy, and its overarching message still holds relevance in today’s recession-stricken world. Additionally, its central gimmick of a black and white construct where we see the aliens via sunglasses is a great way of having the spirit of vintage 1950s science fiction pictures embedded in the DNA of the film. Coupled with its mysterious saxophone jazzy score, and you have the epitome of 80s cult filmmaking.

About Sartaj Govind Singh

Notes from a distant observer: “Sartaj is a very eccentric fellow with a penchant for hats. He likes watching films and writes about them in great analytical detail. He has an MA degree in Philosophy and has been known to wear Mickey Mouse ears on his birthday.”
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