Personal Post: First Footage from Cameron Cloutier’s Queen of Hearts


At this point, the making of Cameron Cloutier’s Twin Peaks fan film (Queen of Hearts) would rival the sharpest tangents that the third season of the famous show took. From broken promises to persistent attempts to obtain money for little work, Queen of Hearts has seen it all. However, a rare spot of good news came in the form of the first footage being unveiled. Lasting over two minutes in length, the sneak peek sees Annie seemingly dropped from the Black Lodge. As she wakes up, she looks around the mystical woods and feels compelled to approach Jackrabbit’s Palace. Once there, the young woman repeatedly asks to be taken. The clip ends with Annie being swallowed up by a swelling vortex.

The sneak peek is dripping with atmosphere, courtesy of some excellently framed and edited point of view shots. In their stillness, they have the quality of the vast woods being like a faux reality where higher powers are indulging in a game much like a child playing with a doll’s house. The middle eastern sounding music by Peter Gabriel further entrenches us in a feeling of surreality, creating an odd juxtaposition between place and context, much like a dream that paints an odd reality that never quite feels right. The final images of Annie’s left behind heels and one of them tipping over, feels like a homage to Wizard of Oz with a black comic note. The moment would not feel out of place in any David Lynch film.

Like the best teasers, the footage tantalises and asks questions that would have us all chatting for days on end at the Roadhouse. It’s well worth your time and you can watch it at the below link.

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